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New Regulations in 2018 Affect Maritime Workers

Posted in Get To Know Maritime Law on September 7, 2018

This past June, the U.S. Coast Guard established new regulations for towing and tug vessels meant to improve safety standards. These new regulations were published under 46 CFR Subchapter M and state that vessels must undergo inspections by the Coast Guard or an authorized third party. The Houston maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns want…

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Two Offshore Workers Suffer Fractures, One Other Worker Dies in the Gulf of Mexico

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury, News and Events on August 25, 2018

The Incident On June 27, 2018, two offshore workers suffered severe injuries while another was was pronounced dead after an offshore accident occurred on the Arenque Oil Platform, 30 kilometers out from Mexico’s Gulf Coast near Tamaulipas. Assistance was provided by the Mexican Red Cross at the dock of the Commsa Company near Ciudad Madero….

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Rig Worker Struck on Head Brings Major Lawsuit Against Trio of Oil Companies

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on August 24, 2018

There is no doubt that the oil and gas industry is a serious money-making business, and one that projects to continue to expand. This July saw the production of crude oil in the US pass 11 million barrels per day, setting a new national record. While the potential for the economy is intriguing, to say…

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The Top Five Causes of Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on August 22, 2018

The offshore oil and gas industry brings in a lot of money and employment opportunities for the United States. Although the industry creates many jobs for workers along the Gulf Coast and throughout Texas, the hazardous nature of the maritime industry can result in severe injuries or even death. Offshore work on oil rigs, gas…

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What You Should Know About Ferry Accidents & Injuries

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on August 14, 2018

There are many forms of public transportation for people looking to save time, money, or who just want to avoid driving. While most people will think of buses, taxis, or even railway, for those of us living along the Gulf Coast or near large bodies of water, ferries are another option. Ferries – whether used…

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MRSA: The Bacterial Infection that Can Kill Maritime Workers

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on August 3, 2018

The nature of offshore careers makes maritime workers susceptible to many health and injury risks. Maritime workers can suffer from serious wounds that can become susceptible to deadly infections. The Houston maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns want you to know how important it is to be aware of the possible injuries you may face…

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Why You Need A Maritime Attorney to Recover from A Deadly Maritime Accident

Posted in News and Events on July 26, 2018

The Houston maritime attorneys at Lapeze & Johns offer our deepest condolences and concerns to the families and individuals that have been affected by the recent boat tragedy in Missouri. Should you ever face such a tragic incident, know that you are not alone. Our experienced maritime attorneys are here to offer our services to…

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What Maritime Workers Should Know About Mooring Line Accidents

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on July 20, 2018

Maritime workers perform some of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Because of the type of machinery used aboard maritime vessels, safety precautions and measures are of the utmost importance to workers. Some of the most severe accidents occur as a result of mooring line accidents. Because of the immense amount of…

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Fire Safety on Shipyards and Ships: What Employers Must Offer

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury, Shipyard on July 17, 2018

Workers that are assigned as fire watch workers are the first ones to protect other workers and themselves from disaster while doing “hot work”. Hot work is anything that involves welding, burning, riveting, grinding, or the use of a tool that produces a fire or sparks. Our Houston maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns are…

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What to Know About Winch Injuries and Entanglement

Posted in Get To Know Maritime Law, High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury on June 23, 2018

Commercial fishing vessels are among the most dangerous workplaces in the U.S. In fact, the CDC reports that workers in the commercial fishing industry have a mortality rate that is 35 percent higher than that of all other workers in the United States. Unpredictable weather, powerful machinery, heavy loads, exposure to the elements, and distance…

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