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Maritime and Offshore Injury Attorneys Keith Lapeze and Chris Johns formed Lapeze & Johns because they knew that their wealth of shared experience working at the most prestigious law firms and with the most successful trial lawyers in the country would make them an extremely formidable team. When opposing lawyers see that they are up against Keith and Chris, they know that they are going against “A-Team” lawyers and better be ready for a tough fight.

A proven history of success combined with a deep passion for achieving excellent results for their clients is what sets Lapeze & Johns apart from so many other law firms who claim to be the “real deal”, but simply don’t have the experience, skills, or results to show for it.

Trust matters

At Lapeze & Johns, our clients are our Gulf Coast neighbors, not case numbers. Unlike larger firms that treat their clients like they are on a case “assembly line”, working on hundreds of cases at the same time, the maritime injury attorneys at Lapeze & Johns personally know every client by name.

A proven history of success combined with a deep passion for achieving excellent results for their clients is what sets Lapeze & Johns apart from the rest.

Our maritime attorneys ensure that there is always an open line of communication between them and their clients so that trust can be developed and nurtured. We believe that mutual trust is the bedrock of any relationship, especially that between the attorney and his client.

We Are a Team

Keith and Chris know that at the end of the day, what our clients care about are results, which usually means the amount of money they are able to put in their pockets at the end of their cases. The more money their clients take home to their families, the more money Keith and Chris take home to their families. Because we are usually paid a percentage of the award our clients receive, our interests are directly aligned with our clients’ interests at all times. So, results matter just as much to us as they do to our clients.

We also welcome other types of fee arrangements with some of our corporate clients, including hourly and reverse-contingency structures, depending on the type of litigation we’re asked to work on.

Reputation for Excellence

Keith and Chris’s combined track record of over 30 years working as trial lawyers throughout the Gulf Coast have earned them excellent reputations among the judges in whose courts they’ve worked or tried cases, their peers with whom they’ve worked, and most importantly, their adversaries against whom they have battled until only one lawyer was left standing. They are consistently voted by other lawyers to be included in both state and national peer review studies that rank them among the experienced at what they do — fighting the good fight for their clients.

If this sounds like the kind of team you want on your side, then call us today at 713-739-1010.