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National Transportation Safety Board: Lessons Learned from Marine Accident Investigations

Posted in Get To Know Maritime Law, News and Events on January 1, 2019

It is said it is necessary to study the past if we wish to plan for the future. The National Transportation Safety Board released their “Safer Seas Digest 2017” in November of 2018 and highlighted major accidents that had occurred in recent years as well as lessons learned from the incidents. With the new year…

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Missouri Duck Boat Captain Indicted on Criminal Charges

Posted in News and Events on November 29, 2018

In July of this year, a horrible tragedy took place in Branson, Missouri, when a duck boat capsized in Table Rock Lake. Sadly, 17 lives were lost in the accident – including 9 from the same family – and several other individuals were injured. The incident took place as a result of rough waters caused…

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Oil Drilling Accidents On the Rise?

Posted in News and Events on November 13, 2018

As if the job of oil rig workers wasn’t hazardous enough, research has shown a spike in the number of oil drilling accidents in recent years. This is in correlation to the increased production of oil in the United States. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the production of crude oil grew substantially from…

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Two Offshore Workers Suffer Fractures, One Other Worker Dies in the Gulf of Mexico

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury, News and Events on August 25, 2018

The Incident On June 27, 2018, two offshore workers suffered severe injuries while another was was pronounced dead after an offshore accident occurred on the Arenque Oil Platform, 30 kilometers out from Mexico’s Gulf Coast near Tamaulipas. Assistance was provided by the Mexican Red Cross at the dock of the Commsa Company near Ciudad Madero….

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Why You Need A Maritime Attorney to Recover from A Deadly Maritime Accident

Posted in News and Events on July 26, 2018

The Houston maritime attorneys at Lapeze & Johns offer our deepest condolences and concerns to the families and individuals that have been affected by the recent boat tragedy in Missouri. Should you ever face such a tragic incident, know that you are not alone. Our experienced maritime attorneys are here to offer our services to…

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Offshore Drilling Workers Are In Danger! Changes Occurring to Offshore Drilling Regulations

Posted in News and Events on April 13, 2018

Even with safety guidelines in place, working in offshore oil drilling is a dangerous occupation. With the goal of America achieving “energy dominance,” the current White House administration has made a few bold moves in repealing some of its predecessor’s efforts to make offshore drilling safer. Employees of offshore oil operations already report some of…

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