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Fire Safety on Shipyards and Ships: What Employers Must Offer

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury, Shipyard on July 17, 2018

Workers that are assigned as fire watch workers are the first ones to protect other workers and themselves from disaster while doing “hot work”. Hot work is anything that involves welding, burning, riveting, grinding, or the use of a tool that produces a fire or sparks. Our Houston maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns are…

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Gangways and Walkway Injuries

Posted in Shipyard on June 10, 2018

All employers have a responsibility to create as safe a work environment as possible, but this is especially true for sea vessel owners, as maritime workers have a higher-than-average rate of injury. One area that is often overlooked when considering workplace safety for maritime workers is the gap between the ship and the dock. Whether…

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Maritime Explosions, the Injuries That Result, and Your Rights

Posted in Shipyard on February 27, 2018

Tragedy struck in an Indian shipyard recently where an explosion snuffed out the lives of five of its workers and injured at least 10 others. The blast occurred at the Cochin Shipyard, inside of the water tank of a drilling vessel named Sagar Bhushan that had been brought in for repairs. At Lapeze & Johns,…

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Seven Shipyard Hazards to Watch Out for on Your Next Shift

Posted in Shipyard on February 2, 2018

Shipyard work isn’t your typical 9 to 5 job and the work demands much more than mere attendance. Often times, one wrong move can spell grievous injury – or worse. That’s why when you are involved in a maritime accident, you need a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers. With a 98% successful resolution rate…

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