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Two Offshore Workers Suffer Fractures, One Other Worker Dies in the Gulf of Mexico

Posted in High Seas, High Risk: Offshore Injury, News and Events on August 25, 2018

The Incident

On June 27, 2018, two offshore workers suffered severe injuries while another was was pronounced dead after an offshore accident occurred on the Arenque Oil Platform, 30 kilometers out from Mexico’s Gulf Coast near Tamaulipas.

Assistance was provided by the Mexican Red Cross at the dock of the Commsa Company near Ciudad Madero. The surviving workers that suffered fractures to the body were admitted to a local hospital in Tampico.

Information provided by those that assisted the injured workers report that the incident occurred on a platform belonging to the Petrofac company.

According to the Maritime Herald, the company did not release a further statement on behalf of the incident, even though it resulted in the death of one and caused severe injuries to two others.

Statistics Regarding Oil Industry Risks

Maritime work in the oil rig and gas industry presents many risks to workers, and the job can result in fatal injuries or death. The heavy equipment, machinery, and moving objects on the vessel combined with the slick floors covered in oil and water can make offshore work a daily hazard.

The oil and gas industry is also physically demanding on workers who have to drill in dangerous environments. In 2008, the most recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that 120 fatal injuries were suffered by workers in the oil and gas industry. Of those total injuries:

  • 41 percent were related to transportation
  • 25 percent happened by contact with equipment and other objects
  • 15 percent resulted from explosions and fires

Houston’s most experienced maritime lawyers at Lapeze & Johns know the risks of offshore drilling environments. According to Offshore Statistics of the Outer Continental Shelf in 2017, 429 accidents occured aboard offshore vessels. The accidents include:

  • 11 Collisons
  • 53 Evacuation and Musters
  • 73 Fires and Explosions
  • 16 Gas Releases
  • 150 Injuries
  • 126 Liftings
  • 10 Spills

Maritime Accidents and Injuries

If you are hurt on the job, know that you have protections under maritime law and are eligible for compensation to aid in your recovery. It is vital that you seek the expert knowledge of our maritime lawyers to guide you through the process and ensure you are not cheated out of receiving your full compensation.

The maritime oil and gas industry workers do not have the same compensation protections as workers on land. Because of this, the Maritime Injury Center provides further information on the protections available for offshore workers in the United States.

  • The Jones Act
  • Offshore workers that qualify as seamen by the specific guidelines of maritime law are eligible for compensation if they become injured or sick at work.

  • Death on High Seas Act
  • Those that are financially dependent of a maritime worker, such as family members, are entitled to compensation if an individual suffers a wrongful death on the job while 3 miles offshore from the U.S.

  • Maintenance and Cure
  • Maritime workers are eligible for maintenance (room and board) and cure (coverage of medical expenses) if the individual suffers at work injury or sickness.

  • Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
  • This is a federal workers’ compensation act by which those who qualify as seamen under maritime law may receive protections and compensation.

The Oil and Gas Worker attorneys at Lapeze & Johns can assist you in recovering the money you are entitled to under the protection of maritime law.

Recruit the Best Houston has to Offer. Recruit the Offshore Oil and Gas Worker Lawyers at Lapeze & Johns.

Houston lawyers at Lapeze & Johns have expert knowledge in maritime law meant to represent workers that suffer injuries and wrongful death while performing jobs in the offshore industry.

The maritime oil and gas industry offers many work opportunities to individuals in the United States, however, many suffer the consequences of such hazardous work conditions. No U.S. worker should face fatal injuries or death while drilling oil on offshore sites.

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Source: Maritime Herald