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Deck Accidents

maritime2Companies may try to protect themselves and intimidate you when an offshore deck accident happens. They may interrogate you and make you feel like it is your fault and not due to their negligence. If you are unfamiliar with your rights, you may be taken advantage of. Lapeze & Johns deck accident attorneys in Houston, Texas have been practicing collectively for over 20 years and focusing on maritime law throughout the Gulf Coast. If you have been injured in a maritime accident, call us today.

Deck Accidents & Restitution

There are many types of deck accidents, all of which can cause serious injury. The dangerous environment of a cargo ship, barge, jack-up rig, tanker or other vessel deck can cause accidents that lead to chronic back pain or even death. Slip and fall accidents are common on vessels and happen because of slippery surfaces or machinery underfoot. The deck of a ship can be extremely slippery when the weather is rainy or the seas are rough.

Falling objects are the most common accident on-board ships and can lead to severe head trauma and other injuries. The cause of objects falling on people may be cargo containers that come undone or equipment failures. Broken or weak structures that topple may also be hazardous. Many cases are caused by human error, including leaving equipment and tools unsecured.

The causes of deck accidents are vast. Deck fires can cause serious problems and spread quickly, affecting multiple people. Getting wedged between a barge and tug boat may cause loss of limb. Cables and winches that are improperly handled or that malfunction can snap under high tension.

If you or someone you know is injured in a deck related accident, seek the advice of an experienced Gulf Coast deck accident attorney. Any insurance settlements should be evaluated by an attorney before they are accepted or rejected. By securing a Gulf Coast maritime injury attorney early on, your chances of getting the compensation you deserve from your injury claim increases dramatically.

Working With Lapeze & Johns

When a Lapeze & Johns attorney takes your case, you can rest easily knowing whatever it takes to get you as much as possible will be done. As a small firm, we know our clients by name and build relationships with each of them; no one is treated as just another case in a docket. We provide free evaluations and can afford you a good sense of what your case may look like if we can help you fight for it.

The first thing we do is gather all the information and evidence we can regarding your injury. Anyone who is injured and wants to pursue and injury claim should keep a record of all medical treatment, the injury, and the site and circumstances in which the injury took place. Your first priority should always be to seek medical attention. Pictures are always a good idea and are strong evidence in court. The deck of a ship is a constantly changing environment. If possible, preserving as much of the cause of the accident can be helpful in building a case.

Once we have information about who the negligent party is, we can help you notify the proper parties. We’ll even talk to your employer and insurance adjusters on your behalf. We want you to focus on getting well after an injury, not worry about whether or not your claim is going to be successfully resolved.

Deck Accident Attorneys serving Nationwide

With exclusive maritime injury experience and many successfully tried cases in Texas, Louisiana, and throughout the Gulf Coast, we feel confident that our experience can help you determine the course of action in your deck accident case. Deck accidents are common and can arise from any number of factors. Knowing you have a good Texas maritime attorney to handle your case lets you rest easy as you recover from your injuries.

Contact Lapeze & Johns for experienced legal representation in Louisiana, Texas, and throughout the Gulf Coast. We’ve represented hundreds of offshore workers and longshoremen, and our hard work is reflected across the maritime industry. We know the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and how to apply them to our clients’ cases.

Our Texas maritime lawyers also have experience with working inland water cases and unsafe equipment investigations, and we get results. It is our practice to always talk to witnesses and consult maritime industry and medical professionals for all of our maritime injury claims. We work aggressively from the start to reach a suitable settlement quickly and effectively.

All of these maritime vessels may give rise to injury through equipment malfunctioning, human error, weather conditions, and chemical exposure. Our maritime injury law experience includes cases involving all of these vessels and more. If you are injured in one of these vessels, call our attorneys today.

We provide advice from the beginning of the case through the end and will even handle discussions with your employer and insurance adjuster. Your primary concern when you hire a Lapeze & Johns attorney is to get well. Our goals are aligned with yours: to find the settlement you need to get on with your life without mounting medical expenses and anxiety. While we can never give you back what you lost, we can help make the legal process as painless as possible.